REACH for 36 ™


    SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | One-on-One Private Tutoring | Hours Vary: 14-18 | ACT Test PREP in English, Math, Reading and Science

    Small Group SUMMIT ACT PREP ™Classes | 18 hours of ACT Test PREP in English, Math, Reading and Science.

    The SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Course considers your GPA and your highest ACT Practice or Actual Test Composite Score.

    The SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Course is meant for students who have achieved a 27+ ACT Test composite. The course material is ideally suited for students who have achieved basic foundational knowledge of subject concepts in the ACT Test and are ready to climb and REACH for 36 ™.

    Your time is focused on subject concepts where you need improvement. We believe this approach enables efficiency and also will help to springboard & optimize your best ACT Test results.

    Subject strategies for the English, Math, Reading and Science are emphasized and practiced during sessions: they are clear, easy to use and effective to help you get the correct answers in a fast paced test.

    In order to achieve a composite score near or above 30, almost no problems can be wrong. Barron's Workbooks are used to help students gain an EDGE in mastering difficult Math and Science problems on the ACT Test. This translates to getting the most difficult questions correct.

    Comprehensive review of English punctuation and grammar rules students need to know for the ACT English Test is included. Many students achieve 5-10 points up in English alone.

    Retired but Real ACT Practice Tests from The REAL ACT Prep Guide are used.

    Our Test Preparation is developed with teaching and learning methodology to keep you engaged. This course is similar to a college course. Our SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ One-on-One and SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Small Group Classes utilize a Smart BOARD.


    An Interactive SMART Board will provide and enhance your visual experience.


      About The Instructors

      SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Instructors are immersed in ACT PREP. We teach ACT PREP & SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ almost every day when school is in session. Each instructor teaches approximately 1,000 hours yearly to prepare students for their BEST ACT TEST score.

      Our instructors graduated top universities; we are happy to let you know we have a Valedictorian who achieved 99% on his GMAT.

      We are committed to help you Reach Your Best ACT Score.


      Q: What is the format of the course?

      A: The course is held in a comfortable, well lit environment. There are 7-9 sessions which are 2 hours each. You will see problems and solutions presented by the instructors on the interactive SMART Board. Each student actively participates to engage their interest and rehearses subject concepts and strategies. This approach of high student participation results in greater confidence and higher achievement.

      Q: Why do you require a ACT Test Composite of 27+ to enroll?

      A: The ACT Test composite score achieved reflects a baseline or subject foundation of ACT Test knowledge. Students come to us with different levels of experience and test pacing. SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ considers the student's ACT Test experience in order to maximize the impact of our customized instruction.

      For students who have not yet achieved a 27 + ACT Test Composite Score, browse options for 2017 & 2018 Small Group ACT PREP Classes or One-on-One Private Tutoring, if desired

      We offer One-on-One Private Tutoring for all students.

      Q: What are the prerequisites to enroll?

      A: You have taken a Practice Test or a Real ACT Test and received a ACT Test composite score of 27+.

      Q: How do we accomplish the mix of students in our Small Group SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Class?

      A: Often a student is taking Honors or AP coursework. A high GPA is noted along with a ACT Composite score in the high 20's or low 30's.

      Q: How many students are in the class and how can we enroll?

      A: We establish classes with 3-6 students who have a 27+ composite and a similar GPA. We maximize each student's depth of knowledge at a accelerated pace. We believe customizing & individualizing test prep for each student's needs makes a difference on this high stakes test. SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ has established parameters regarding students' ACT Real or Practice Test Composite Scores. A student's GPA is also considered to ensure comfort & compatible pacing.

      We invite your help in reaching out to invite fellow students or friends interested in this accelerated class. Families who wish to pursue a SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ class will meet to plan mutually agreed times for 14-18 hours or 7-9 sessions.

      Q: What materials are required?

      A: Subject problems and passages from the "Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook, 2nd Edition" & the "Barron's ACT English, Reading & Writing Workbook, 2nd Edition" will enhance your depth of knowledge


      Upon enrollment , you need to purchase the necessary books to allow time for completion of your SUMMIT TEST PREP™ Syllabus. You will need 6 hours to complete the SUMMIT TEST PREP™ Syllabus. This is a pre-req along with one practice test.

      Purchase your books directly from us, or at,  or another book store. "Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook, 2nd Edition" & "Barron's ACT English, Reading and Writing Workbook, 2nd Edition."

      Q: Why do you use the Barron's ACT Workbooks?

      A: Barron's Workbooks enable students to have a higher level of mastery of English, Math, Reading & Science.

      Q: Why do you use The REAL ACT Prep Guide?

      A: The OFFICIAL ACT PREP GUIDE is used for Practice Tests

      Q: What are the technical requirements to participate on SKYPE or FaceTime?

      A: You can complete the SUMMIT TEST PREP ™ from a computer with an INTERNET connection and speakers. You can login via tablet or computer.

      Q: Will I be able to communicate with the instructor?

      A: Yes. You will be able to participate and ask questions when we conference.

      Q: Are there any prerequisites for the course?

      A: There are warm up samples & some reviews in all subject areas from the Barron's ACT Workbooks. You should complete the first ACT Practice Test 1(One) from the The REAL ACT Prep Guide book.

      • Complete the SUMMIT TEST PREP ™ Syllabus using Barron's ACT Workbooks before the 1st session. Allow 6 hours to complete prior to your first session.

      • Record your work on the SUMMIT TEST PREP ™ Progress Sheet. Include the problems you get wrong, as well as the ones on which you guessed. This provides an automatic diagnosis of your ACT Test weaknesses and strengths. We customize and individualize your instruction.

      • Upon enrollment, you will receive the SUMMIT TEST PREP ™ Syllabus, SUMMIT TEST PREP ™ Progress Sheet and instructions.


      From California to Texas, Colorado to Wisconsin to Ohio, Arizona to Massachusetts, Florida to Maine, students from across the USA can enroll in SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ to learn ACT Subject Concepts & Test Taking Strategies to increase their ACT Test Score.

What is the Syllabus?


Warm up exercises and problems to get you ready

Proven Tool to increase your score by 1-2 points

6 hours Prerequisite - Warm up exercises & sample problems | Gets you ready! - Complete before our first session

English & Reading Assessment Tests

Math Samples: Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Plane & Solid Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry,

Science Samples: Data Representation, Research Summary, and Conflicting Viewpoints

Subject Area Samples, Drills, Strategies, and Practice Tests

All tests are proctored by student or parents in home to maximize individual & customized tutoring time


REACHFOR36 We will help you REACH FOR 36





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How we feel

As your instructors we are honored to help you accomplish your short and longer range goals for your ACT Test Composite score.


Our passion is to influence, develop and preserve a strong positive attitude and a love of learning. By strengthening your skills in all ACT Test subject areas, English, Math, Reading and Science, you will improve your results in the ACT Test as well as improve your academic skills in high school, college and in life.

test strategies

We provide test strategies in each subject area, improving student's radar in detection of the various type-cast questions. Each student learns how to identify when the test question may detour, side-track or attempt to trick them, leading them to select the incorrect answer. Test Strategies can impact a student's pacing, accuracy, focus and potential to further excel on the ACT test. 


Confidence leads to improvement of all ACT Subject areas of English, Math, Reading and Science, resulting in a higher composite score.