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SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Practice Test Results | First ACT Test | Sophomore Achieved ACT Composite 32

J made a 32 on his June 14 ACT. I think that is an excellent start. Interesting scores: 32, 29, 32, 35. This is from the ACT website. Thank you for your very special assistance, and we hopefully can discuss another set of strategically placed SKYPE sessions to help him move that score up. The most likely date for his next test will be the February 7, test date.

M.L. | Dad | Xavier College Prep High School | Rancho Mirage, CA

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | One-on-One SKYPE | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34

J earned a 34 on his most recent ACT. The increase was clearly achieved through your help by increasing his Math score from a 28 to a 33 (Eng 35, Math 33, Reading 31, Science 36)

The guidance and support you provided has been essential to his success. Thank you. 

I thought you would enjoy knowing that J has been accepted to both Air Force Academy and to Yale. He also applied to Annapolis, and has not yet heard back, so no rejections! I believe he is going to attend Yale on an ROTC scholarship. Thank you for being an essential part of making that happen for him.

M L | Dad of Xavier College Prep High School| son, Rancho Mirage, CA

J L | Student | Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA 

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D and I will echo N's thanks to you for your dedication and hard work on his behalf. I believe it clearly paid off, yes, as I believed it would for N. You guys have built a great preparation model and learning environment for the ACT and certainly the two of you make up a great team together. I know you don’t need it at this point, but you’ve created a strong reference in the Price family. So, it’s three kids down now with the ACT, one more to go (sophomore this year). I think we know now where to look for help. Thanks again. All the best,

J. B. P. | Dad | Waubonsie Valley High School son | Achieved ACT Composite 34

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Targeted Razor Focus

When a student approaches us after already achieving a ACT Test composite score in mid to high 20's or low 30's, focus is given to critical subject areas & includes effective test strategies for all subject areas. SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ provides targeted and razor sharp focus in critical strategic subject areas, to help students make their act test scores higher.

The foundation for SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ stems from and began at Naperville Tutoriing,

We serve local Naperville area students and nationally in the U.S.

We offer Small Group SAT & ACT PREP Classes, One-on-One SAT & ACT PREP, SUMMIT SAT PREP ™ & SUMMIT ACT PREP ™

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Inside View of Small Group ACT Classes.

We welcome you to REACH FOR 36 in our ACT PREP Classes!



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I love the SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ environment; I always feel welcome and comfortable. It's very evident that you are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced with what you do. Even though I was busy and had other work to do, you both always pushed me to not accept anything less than my very best. Thank you both so much for this experience; I owe my success and progress to you.

C.H. | Student | Naperville North High School

C hit her goal of 34! We are very proud of her. Thank you!

A.F. | Mom | Naperville North High School | Achieved ACT Composite 34


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When a student approaches us after already achieving a ACT Test composite score in high 20's or low 30's, focus is given to two or three subject areas & includes strategies for all subject areas.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ provides targeted and razor sharp focus in fewer, but critical, strategic subject areas, to help students make their HIGH SCORES EVEN HIGHER.

I got a 35 in English, and 33 in the other 3 subjects.

I got a 34 Composite!

Again, thank you so much for taking me as a student and helping me to achieve my goal! For me, it was a lot better to go through each question and explain the right answer instead of just saying "A is wrong, B is right". It helped me more to learn about how to answer questions effectively. Because I can answer questions more quickly, I have more time to go over what I might have missed.

L. C. | Student | Naperville North High School | Achieved ACT Composite 34

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Thank you guys again for your help. It made a tremendous difference (which my 2 point jump shows:).

English - 35 (two more than personal best)
Math - 30 (same as personal best)
Reading - 29 (two more than personal best)
Science - 33 (one less than personal best)
Composite - 32 ( two more than previous best)

I'm confident that with more work and the full time you guys suggested I would have been able to make that 32 a 33 or even 34, but I still think what you guys helped me do in such a short amount of time was incredible. Unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, I am finally done with the ACT! Woohoo! Again, thank you both so much.

N P | Student | Waubonsie Valley High School | Achieved ACT Composite 34


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Reduce College Debt

It quickly becomes evident that a higher ACT test result can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket because you don't have to spend them on college costs. If you want more information on scholarships available, contact the scholarship or financial aid department directly at the college or university you want to attend.

Setting a goal to climb to the SUMMIT can be very challenging. Each point up is a major accomplishment. It is well worth the effort and hard work! The higher your ACT Composite Test score, the greater options you will have for the University of your choice. And usually there is scholarship help reduce the high debt of an excellent college education? We have helped many students and families with this challenge.

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It is difficult and much tougher "to go it alone." SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ provides a student structure, teacher expertise, experience, along with proven results.

A.T. | Student | Lisle High School | 27 | Science Emphasis and Goal of 30 + | Achieved ACT Composite SS 31

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SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ will help with your academics in High School and in College. The English Grammar and Punctuation will sharpen your writing skills for those papers that need perfection. Math and Science is deeper; by building a deeper understanding in these 2 subject areas, you can attack difficult problems on the ACT Test & have a richer foundation to help in high school and college. Reading strategies will help you focus and complete the passages which require rocket speed without sacrificing accuracy.

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M. N. | Student | Metea Valley High School | Achieved ACT Composite 30

I got a 30! Thank you again for everything you did to make this possible.



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