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We use authentic © retired practice tests, actual © ACT Tests for determining your benchmark ACT Test composite. The ACT © practice tests provide the best measurement. Using an unofficial ACT practice test can mean inaccurate practice test results.

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Students come to us with different levels of experience and test pacing. SUMMIT ACT PREP™ Classes are differentiated considering your GPA and your highest ACT Practice or Actual Test Composite Score. We offer differentiated levels of courses to maximize effectiveness, while accommodating student's differences.

The SUMMIT TEST PREP Syllabus™ is a precise measurement of your strengths & weaknesses in each subject area. We understand where we can help strengthen your weakest subject areas as well as REACH for 36 ™ strengthen your strongest subject areas. There is no guessing on our diagnostic methodology. Therefore we provide efficient & the effective teaching focus on what you need!


SUMMIT ACT PREP™ and our SUMMIT TEST PREP Syllabus ™, stems from Barron's ACT PREP English, Reading and Writing Workbook & Barron's ACT PREP Math and Science Workbook, helps many students achieve ACT Test composite scores of 3-4 points up. Composite scores have moved as many as 7-9 points up when multiple real ACT tests have been taken.

Your time will be focused on subject areas and subject concepts where you need improvement. We have a complete and accurate diagnostic when you start your prep. This methodology enables efficiency & and optimizes your ACT Test results. We invite early enrollment, as we have limited seats available for small group classes and one-on-one tutoring.

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ is a hybrid of our ACT PREP for students who have already accomplished a 27+ in their actual or practice test(s).

If you believe you are eligible & wish to sign for a SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ Course, please contact us to enroll.

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Innovation is in our SUMMIT ACT PREP™ DNA. Our ACT PREP tutors are continually focused on enhancement of our teaching and your learning. What are some of our recent changes?

Our Test Preparation is developed with teaching and learning methodology to keep you engaged. Our ACT PREP One-on-One and Small Group Classes utilize a Smart BOARD for enhanced visual communication. The Interactive Smart BOARD technology allows concepts to be explained in relevant and clear ways.

Enriched ACT PREP blends Instructor expertise with Smart BOARD visual communication.

Our Compilation of College Admissions & Writing Resources: helps you write a effective student application letter, college essay and much more.

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ uses Barron's ACT Prep Workbooks which cover all four sections of the test: English, Math, Reading and Science. They include test-taking strategies, an enriched review of 4 academic subjects with plenty of practice problems. They offer a deep and rich curriculum beyond the standard ACT PREP books along with clear easy to use subject test strategies.

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ is provided locally and nationally. Nearly 1.924 million students -- approximately 59% percent of the nation's 2015 high school graduates -- took the ACT Test at some point during high school.  



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Reach for 36

act_test_prep CONSULTATION:
Which test should I take: is the ACT the correct test or should I also take the SAT? When is the best time of my school year that I should start : Do I need to repeat testing? What goal should I set? Do universities need to know all of my scores; can I choose which composite score to send? We answer these questions and many more. We offer students & families consultations based on our decades of experience.

Many parents find us locally on High School Resource Lists in Naperville Community Unit School District 203, Naperville Central High School, Naperville North High School, Indian Prairie School District 204, Metea Valley High School, Neuqua Valley High School, Waubonsie Valley High School, Benet Academy, St. Francis Catholic, Joliet Catholic Hight School, Montini Catholic, Lisle High School, Ottawa High School and East, North & South Plainfield, Wheaton Academy, Wheaton North High Schools. We tutor high school students from surrounding Naperville area schools, California and across the USA.

We hope these references will give you more confidence and comfort in choosing our SUMMIT ACT PREP™. Many students and their parents would like to know how our students and parents view our services. Students we have tutored reward us with improved performance, direct admission into the University and College of their choice. They often receive academic & full-ride scholarships from improved ACT test scores.

From California to Texas, Colorado to Indiana, Wisconsin to Ohio, Michigan to New York, Illinois to Florida, Massachusetts to North Carolina | Students from all across the USA enroll in the SUMMIT ACT PREP™ Whether you live in San Francisco or Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Naperville, Columbus, New York, Miami or any other city or town in the U.S., we welcome you to our SUMMIT ACT PREP™ Course to improve your ACT Test Foundation Subject Knowledge and ACT Test Strategies. We look forward to working with you to increase your ACT Test Score.

Enroll for your SUMMIT ACT PREP™ to match the needed preparation time for your ACT Test date.

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We offer extensive experience to help you get College Ready. When you attend SUMMIT ACT PREP™, you can expect teacher expertise in all subject areas. We are immerse in Test Prep, over 1,000 hours each school year. Our ACT PREP course provides customized, individualized instruction, and critical subject concept reinforcement.

We believe in diverse teaching methods; you will given 2 instructors to "guaranteed expertise and to cross pollinate our " ACT PREP, providing multiple solutions & techniques to solve problems. SUMMIT ACT PREP™ provides an enriched experience for students. Our ACT PREP offers students a destination where teaching expertise provides exciting student ACT Test results.

We challenge students to consider effective ACT test strategies and then "use them" throughout our ACT PREP course. The student becomes comfortable and confident in the usage of the test strategies. Many test strategies are usable across multiple ACT Test & SAT Test subject areas. They are also effective with High School and College coursework or tests.

We understand the impact of a ACT Test result for students and their families. SUMMIT ACT PREP™ results can reduce the mountain of College Debt while you acquire an excellent U.S. University education. If you improve your ACT results by even one or two points, it may mean thousands of scholarship dollars.

Students who choose SUMMIT ACT PREP™ find an enriched academic experience with teacher-led ACT PREP classes, instead of a series of video lessons. We believe in reinforcing important subject concepts and also increasing the depth of your subject and concept knowledge. We help you get more of the difficult problems on the ACT Test correct.

Get 14 - 18 hours of Expert and Focused ACT PREP Tutoring to help you increase your ACT Test Score.

Tutoring sessions can be conveniently scheduled; you can join us at from anywhere you have Internet access with SKYPE and FaceTime.

We strive to help each student develop a love for learning, giving consideration to each student's pacing & progress in our customized approach. We look forward to working with you at SUMMIT ACT PREP™ to REACH for 36 ™

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ gives our students an "EDGE" in solving the more difficult ACT Test problems;student's results have shown higher ACT Composite Scores.



Kind Words from ACT PREP clients

"We are honored and proud to serve students from the Naperville area and through out the U.S. with ACT TEST PREP.

We are delighted to see many ACT Composite score gains: Our lowest average composite score gain we see on the ACT Test is 3 points up. The ACT Test is commonly repeated during the Junior and early Senior year. When you see a 5-8 point gain, it is usually a result of a student taking the ACT Test 3, up to 5 times.

The ACT TEST scores reflected are those that we have been made aware of by our students, moms or dads sharing their proud results. We hope this information will be helpful in considering SUMMIT ACT PREP™ for your student ACT PREP. We welcome working with your son or daughter!"

M L | Dad | Xavier College Prep High School son, Palm Desert | CA

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34

"J earned a 34 on his most recent ACT. The increase was clearly achieved through your help by increasing his Math score from a 28 to a 33
(Eng 35, Math 33, Reading 31, Science 36). The guidance and support you provided has been essential to his success. Thank you. Sincerely.“

J L | Student | Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA | Sophomore Achieved ACT Composite 32 | Junior Achieved ACT Composite 34


L. C. | Student | Naperville North High School | IL

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34

"I got a 35 in English, and 33 in the other 3 subjects. ( 34 composite) Again, thank you so much for taking me as a student and helping me to achieve my goal!

For me, it was a lot better to go through each question and explain the right answer instead of just saying "A is wrong, B is right". It helped me more to learn about how to answer questions effectively. Because I can answer questions more quickly, I have more time to go over what I might have missed.

L. C. | Student | Naperville North High School


N. P. | Mom | Naperville North High School son, M. L. | IL

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ | ACT Test Results | 8 Points Up | 26-34

"How are you? I hope you are doing well? M got his State ACT Test score this week. His composite is 34 with 34 in English, 35 Math, 31 Reading, 34 Science and 31 in Writing. I wanted to thank you both again for helping M. I know you two have been a big help."

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ progressive programs

Build on Experience & Results


Customized, Targeted, and Tailored ACT Test Preparation

Diagnostics defining strengths & weaknesses

Strengthening of Weaker Subject Areas to Maximize Improvement

Improvement of Stronger Subject Areas to REACH FOR 36

Barron's ACT Subject Review in Math, English, Reading and Science Reasoning

SUMMIT ACT PREP™ Syllabus | ACT PREP | Maximize your Success and Impact for the most Difficult Problems on ACT Test

Barron's ACT English PREP | Comprehensive Review of Grammar & Punctuation Rules | Pacing Strategies

Barron's ACT Reading PREP | Subject Review, Drills, & Strategies | Pacing Strategies

    Barron's ACT Science PREP | In-Depth Science Subject Review | Data Representation, Research Summary and Conflicting Viewpoints | Drills, & Strategies | Pacing Strategies

    Strategies for each Subject Area | ACT Org and Barron's ACT PREP Strategies

    Affordable ACT PREP Group Classes

    Interactive SMART Board

    Over 30 years in tutoring serving Naperville area and surrounding schools

    SUMMIT ACT PREP™ Syllabus

Affordable ACT PREP



It quickly becomes evident that a higher ACT test result can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket because you don't have to spend them on college costs. No matter where you live, east or west coast, north or south, Midwest or in-between in the U.S. , you will want more information on scholarships. Contact the scholarship or financial aid department directly at the colleges or universities you want to attend for their requirements & considerations for a scholarship.

If you are looking for ACT PREP course to help you REACH FOR 36 ™ ENROLL For SUMMIT ACT PREP ™.

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