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What Naperville Area, Out-of-State High School Parents, Their Sons and Daughters Are Saying

Many students and their parents would like to know how our students and parents view our services. We hope these references will give you more confidence and comfort in our services.

Parents find us on the High School Guidance Department Resource Subject Tutoring, ACT & SAT PREP lists. We are honored to serve over 30 years in the Naperville Middle Schools, Naperville Central High School & Naperville North High School in Naperville Community Unit School District 203; Metea Valley High School, Neuqua Valley High School, & Waubonsie Valley High School in Indian Prairie School District 204; Benet Academy, St. Francis High School, Joliet Catholic & Montini Catholic High School, Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA, Downers Grove South and North High Schools, Lisle, North, Central, South Plainfield, North Plainfield, East Plainfield, Somonauk High School, Ottawa, Oswego and Wheaton Warrenville, Wheaton Academy & Wheaton North High Schools. We welcome students nationally from all High Schools in the U.S. and we look forward to providing you SUMMIT ACT PREP ™.

We offer SKYPE & FaceTime tutoring for online instruction.

We provide tutoring in Subject Area, AP / Honors, ACT PREP, SAT PREP, & SUMMIT ACT PREP ™.

Students we tutor reward us with improved performance, admissions into the universities and colleges of their choice, and often they receive significant academic scholarships from their GPA and ACT test scores.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ strives to help each student develop a love for learning, giving consideration to each student's learning style and their preferred learning modality, in our customized ACT PREP approach. We understand the impact of ACT Test Composite results for students and their families.

Read some of our student and parent's comments below

We welcome you & look forward to working with you to prepare for the university or college of your choice

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SKYPE | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34

Joan and Paul,

J earned a 34 on his most recent ACT. The increase was clearly achieved through your help by increasing his Math score from a 28 to a 33 (Eng 35, Math 33, Reading 31, Science 36). The guidance and support you provided has been essential to his success. Thank you.

I thought you would enjoy knowing that J has been accepted to both Air Force Academy and to Yale. He also applied to Annapolis, and has not yet heard back, so no rejections! I believe he is going to attend Yale on an ROTC scholarship. Thank you for being an essential part of making that happen for him. Thank you.

M L | Dad of Xavier College Prep High School son, Palm Desert, CA

J L | Student | Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA | Sophomore Achieved ACT Composite 32 | Junior Achieved ACT Composite 34

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Practice Test Results | First ACT Test | Sophomore | 32

J made a 32 on his June 14, 2014 ACT. I think that is an excellent start. Interesting scores: 32, 29, 32, 35. This is from the ACT website. Thank you for your very special assistance, and we hopefully can discuss another set of strategically placed SKYPE sessions to help him move that score up. The most like date for his next test will be the February 7 test date.

M.L. | Dad | Xavier College Prep High School | Rancho Mirage, CA


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 8 Points Up | 26 to 34

Dear Joan and Paul,

How are you? I hope you are doing well? M got his State Act score this week. His composite is 34 with 34 in English, 35 Math, 31 Reading, 34 Science and 31 in Writing.

I wanted to thank you both again for helping M. I know you two have been a big help.

N. P. | Mom | Naperville North High School | son, M. L.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34



I got a 35 in English, and 33 in the other 3 subjects. (34 composite) Again, thank you so much for taking me as a student and helping me to achieve my goal!

For me, it was a lot better to go through each question and explain the right answer instead of just saying "A is wrong, B is right". It helped me more to learn about how to answer questions effectively. Because I can answer questions more quickly, I have more time to go over what I might have missed.

L. C. | Student | Naperville North High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP | ™ ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 30 to 32

Thank you guys again for your help. It made a tremendous difference (which my 2 point jump shows:).

English -35 (two more than personal best)
Math -30 (same as personal best)
Reading - 29 (two more than personal best)
Science - 33 (one less than personal best)
Composite - 32 ( two more than previous best)

I'm confident that with more work and the full time you guys suggested I would have been able to make that 32 a 33 or even 34, but I still think what you guys helped me do in such a short amount of time was incredible. Unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, I am finally done with the ACT! Woohoo! Again, thank you both so much.

Again, thank you both so much. I will send you a picture of myself as soon as I find one to send so I can begin my road to fame on your website instead of the road to a 36. ha ha. Thank you,


N P | Student | Waubonsie Valley High School

D and I will echo N's thanks to you for your dedication and hard work on his behalf. I believe it clearly paid off, yes, as I believed it would for N. You guys have built a great preparation model and learning environment for the ACT and certainly the two of you make up a great team together. I know you don’t need it at this point, but you’ve created a strong reference in the Price family. So, it’s three kids down now with the ACT, one more to go (sophomore this year). I think we know now where to look for help. Thanks again. All the best,

J. B. P. | Dad | Waubonsie Valley High School son

Very nice to get your email this morning. I will let N answer your question himself (we are waiting on final, final confirmation next week, but it turned out to kind of be a dream scenario for him/us — and it wouldn’t have been possible without the 32).

I wanted to send Merry Christmas wishes back to you and Paul as well. Thank you for your kind words toward N — every parent likes to hear someone else say nice things about their kids.

So, speaking of kids, that’s also why I wanted to reach out. I had mentioned that our youngest son C is a Sophomore this year - heading toward a Junior year and ACT prep next Fall. When would we need to start talking to you about putting him on your list for next Fall and what would you suggest for how you would work with him? You will enjoy C — he is BY FAR our most social kid.

J B P | Dad | Waubonsie Valley High School | son, N.P.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™  | One-On-One | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 29 to 32

Congrats Kalihers on doing a fantastic job with N. The difference between 29 and 32 is astronomical! Well done!
N. Q. Student | Wheaton North High School - Pr B


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | One-on-One | ACT Test Results | 6 Points Up | 28 to 34


Here are my scores from the February test! Thank you so much for all your help :)

K. L . Student | Benet Academy

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | One-on-One | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 32 to 34


Wanted to share with you C 's ACT results from February, post prep with the both of you. 

Composite Dec 2016 32 Feb 2017 34

Needless to say, we are thrilled and so proud of her. Thank you so much for offering such a fantastic program!! I have passed on your information to the counseling department at Joliet Catholic. There are a fair number of students who live in the Naperville/Plainfield area that attend JCA. 

Best regards,

K. S. | Mom | Joliet Catholic Academy | Daughter C.S.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | One-on-One & SKYPE | Straddle Approach

My experience here has been completely positive!  I struggled particularly with Math, and the individualized sessions allowed me to work on Math as much as I needed to.  This really helped me improve my scores.  The Barron’s workbooks were also extremely helpful, as they provided a diverse set of practice questions and good reminders about each section of the ACT test.  All the Act Practice tests I was able to take helped me to solidify what I learned during tutoring and from the Barron’s books by putting it to use soon after learning.  All in all, I was able to accomplish tons by working with Ms. Joan and Mr. Paul—and they’re super kind and welcoming, which makes every session great!

E.D. | Student | Naperville North High School 


Hello! Hope all is well. I greatly apologize for not sending you anything sooner! Just wanted to let you know I can not thank you two enough for all of the prep & time you devoted to me prepping for the ACT. I truly appreciate it and went into the test feeling very prepared. Overall I think the test went well for the first time actually taking it. The only thing I was worried about was that I found one the passages for reading to be difficult than most. The rest of the passages seemed good though. Other than that I felt I did well in English, math, and science! I learned many valuable tests taking techniques and concepts from you two that will help me in many other aspects of future test taking for any subject. Thank you again so much, I enjoyed learning from you both. Your knowledge, professionalism, and dedication was evident in every session. I looked forward to each Monday night and you made something boring and stressful, fun and enjoyable. I am sure I will be seeing you in the future. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Hope the dog search is going well, too:)

E. B. | Student | Ottawa High School


We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help prepare E for Saturday! We cannot be more happy with the results. She absolutely loved her sessions and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the both of you. The kindness and hospitality you showed us, was above and beyond!

I know your success depends on results, however, I feel the personal connection you have with your students is unparalleled! Without that connection, lessons are lost. E immediately felt welcome and at ease with you. To say we were beyond impressed would be an understatement.


T. B. | Mom | Ottawa High School | The B.........D, T, E and M (you will be meeting him in about 2 years :)

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 27 to 30

Since my test scores went from a 27 to “through the roof” to 30, it is obvious this system is effective.  I can’t say I have any complaints other than a heavy workload.  However, I also think the workload is absolutely necessary and I appreciated you guys being flexible with my busy schedule.  I’m sure you will see my brother here soon.  Thank you so much.

K. C. | Student | Plainfield East High School


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 7 Points Up | 27 to 34

• I love the environment here; I always feel welcome and comfortable
• It's very evident that you are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced with what you do
• Even though I was busy and had other work to do, you both always pushed me to not accept anything less than my very best

Thank you both so much for this experience; I owe my success and progress to you.

C.H. | Student | Naperville North High School

C hit her goal of 34! We are very proud of her.

A.F. | Mom | Naperville North High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 29 to 32 | Super Scored 33

We are delighted with the tutoring our daughter received from Naperville Tutoring.  Joan and Paul were committed, knowledgeable, and very resourceful.  After each session, her confidence soared and her scores improved.  As a parent that is what you want to see, I would recommend their services to anyone! 

T. C. | Mom | Metea Valley High School

I attended Naperville Tutoring’s One-on-One private ACT PREP sessions simply hoping to improve my score.  I was not sure where to begin, but with their help, I learned how to see and respond to problems differently.  Throughout the sessions, we targeted my weaknesses and further improved my strengths.  The sessions themselves revolve around active participation by working out missed or confusing problems or simply asking questions, which allow me to really understand and apply it later.  By the end of the sessions, I not only increased my score, but also gained an immeasurable amount of confidence.  I was able to walk into the test, truly believing I could succeed.  Super scored a 33, so that's really good because a lot of my colleges take the highest from all tests.

After months of heavy deliberation, I've decided to attend the University of Chicago and I'm really excited. It was great working with you guys and I wish you continued success in your business.

L. C. | Student |  Metea Valley High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 30 to 32

Naperville Tutoring has brought my ACT score so much higher than I had anticipated coming from 2 previous ACT prep classes. I feel so much more prepared after 2 weeks with Naperville Tutoring than from former months of ACT PREP practice. The 2 teachers on 1 student structure truly pushed me to work harder than ever and the work is paying off. By exposing me to so many different kinds of problems and giving me new tips and tricks, I know I am ready for test day.

C. S. | Student | Naperville North High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 27 to 31

I don't know if M replied or not. She got a composite score of 31 on the April test. She was very excited, as were her mother and I. She plans to take the test again on June 8th. Without any pressure on her having the 31 in hand, she hopes she can improve just one more point. Her decision to go for it, not ours. My wife and I thank you for helping her. While it seems expensive when writing the check, the merit award scholarship money a score of 31 provides along with her GPA and other activities, puts her well on her way to getting a great education, and without a mountain of debt when she is done. Thank you.

B.R. | Dad | Plainfield North High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 32

Thank you for all your help. I got my ACT score back and I got a 32 on it. I will be taking it again in June. I am happy with my score since it was just my first time taking it and I do believe that it will go up if I prep a little more and review our strategies we went over in my tutoring sessions. Thank you for all your's and Mr. Paul's help.

A.S. | Student |  Neuqua Valley High School


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 26 to 30

K's experience on her one to one tutoring has been completely positive and very rewarding!   The two hours she spent with you (Ms. Joan and Mr. Paul) once a week for 9 weeks increase her test score 4 points!   The accountability and the outline you gave her to stay on track was critical to her success.  Thank you sharing your problem solving techniques when you worked through The Barron’s workbook and The Real ACT workbook.  These techniques not only help her with her ACT testing, but she applied these same techniques to her AP/Honors high school tests in physics, calculus and history. 

The investment as a parent that we made with Naperville Tutoring has been a 100% return!  The Merit Scholarships K is eligible for with her GPA and her ACT results!

We have recommend you to other families and will continue to do so!

J.K. | Mom | Metea Valley High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 28 Super Scored 30

M got his ACT back from the September test. He got a 28 composite. Woo hoo!! The split of scores were not as expected: English 29, Math 28, Reading 30 Science 24. The 30 in Reading and the 29 in English brought his super score up to a 30! Whooooohooooooo!

So, he got what he needed for both Ohio State - 28 and Indiana Business School Direct Admit - 30. Thank you for all that you did for him!!!

L.B. | Mom |  Naperville Central High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 28 to 30

I have been so busy recently that I haven't found the time to tell you how I did on the April, 2013 ACT Test. I got a score of 30! Reading 27, English 30, Math 31, Science 32. Thank you so much for all your help. I don't think this would have been possible otherwise. Your grateful student,

A.S. | Student |  Neuqua Valley High School

SUMMIT ACT PREPSUMMIT ACT PREPACT_PREP_Classesuniversity_scholarshipsuniversity_scholarshipsSUMMIT ACT PREP

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 5 Points Up | 27 to 32

The work in the Barron's workbooks was a challenge, but the difficulty made the actual ACT Practice tests much easier. I enjoyed the intimacy of the class because all of my questions could be answered with thorough explanations. I feel much more prepared going into the test than when I studied on my own. I was able to learn more strategies to help with my timing and accuracy.

E.Y. | Student | Metea Valley High School


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 5 Points Up | 27 to 32

School has been keep me busy especially with AP exams and finals which are coming up. My April ACT was an improvement from my last ACT score. I got a 35 on English , 28 on Math, 31 on Reading, and 26 on Science. Still waiting to hear about the ACT I took in school, I am signed up for the June 8th with focus on Math and Science. Thank you so much for everything! I haven't made any decisions on colleges yet because I'm waiting to see how high I can get my ACT score. My overall GPA is a 4.7. I have applied to volunteer at Edwards over the summer. My mind is pretty set on management as my major and I'm hoping that my shadowing at a law firm and another who is going to tell me about his practice and career will help give me assurance about my career plan.

I got a 32! Thank you again for everything!

R. J. | Student |  Metea Valley High School


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 6 Points Up | 29 to 35

He got a 35 on the ACT! Thanks for helping him learn the skills he needed to succeed.

C.N. | Mom |  Naperville North High School


SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 27 to 30

I must tell you that B would like to tell you her score herself, so I cannot do so at this time:) Sorry. What I do want to tell you was how B. had a smile on her face every time she came back from your house. She truly thinks you guys are warm, loving and special and appreciated your approach and kindness this past year. One could not ask for more for their child especially during the most stressful, demanding year of their young life. You really helped ease the tedious nature of the prep and the pressure.

L.E. | Mom | Metea Valley High School  

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 28 to 32

Naperville Tutoring provides high quality ACT Test preparation and help. They are very committed to assist their students in their future success. They are able to quickly organize, analyze, and form solutions to aid student educational growth. I believe the education environment provided at Naperville Tutoring far surpasses that of the impersonal big class environment. They are highly qualified instructors who excel in their fields of expertise. Their guidance and attention has allowed me to grow as an individual and for me to achieve my ACT initial score goal. They are people who truly care about getting you to where you want to be. With a little time, effort and the support of Naperville Tutoring, I believe any student’s educational aspirations are achievable.

A.V. | Student | Neuqua Valley High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 29 to 32

Mr. and Mrs. Kaliher have been extremely helpful in test preparation the ACT. The detailed work in the sections I needed the most help on has raised my score by a lot. My needs in terms of these tests have been taken care of very well. Thank you

S. F. | Student | Naperville Central High School

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